Get race day ready!

So with the big day looming, it’s now time to get your head in the game. Your taper will be beginning soon and training won’t be taking over your life as much. This is the perfect time to start thinking about the nitty gritty. 

Run a dress rehearsal

Use one of your last taper runs as a dress rehearsal; wear your marathon gear and trainers, eat your pre-run breakfast, use the snacks/gels you’ve been working with whilst training. Imagine you’re on the course - this will help more than you think, and will provide you with that last bit of conditioning.

Plan ahead

You’ll want to feel calm and relaxed come marathon morning, so the more you can prepare beforehand the better. Make a list, so you won’t forget anything. Think about what you’ll need to take with you (so your kit, your gels, etc), what you need for your breakfast that morning, how you’ll be getting to the start line and where you’ll be meeting friends and family.

After the race, we’ll have a Marie Curie reception (with refreshments, showers and masseurs), so don’t forget your directions to this so you’ll know where to go after the race. Final information about where this will be sent to you in a couple of weeks!

Chill out

It might sound obvious, but don’t stress yourself out. In the lead up to the marathon, try and stay off those all important feet as much as you can. Rest and sleep well the week before, as come the night before, the nerves may kick in and your sleep may be limited.

Set small goals

On race day, set yourself small goals. Don’t think, ‘I’ve got 20 more miles to go’. This may sound cliché, but you need to get in your own zone and this can be a difficult thing to do on race day. Make it easier by setting yourself manageable goals, whether it’s the next mile or kilometer or even just a landmark in the distance. Reach that first goal, and then set the next. This makes a big difference by helping you stay in the moment.

Hit the right pace

You’ll have one thing in common with every runner around you; you all want to cross that finish line. Remember not everyone around you will be running at your trained pace. Stick to what you know, no matter how good you are feeling.

Keep your head up

One of the best things about the London Marathon is the atmosphere. Make sure you take time to look up and soak it all in. There will be thousands of people cheering for you, and there is nothing more exhilarating than having them there to spur you on!

Stay positive

Everyone will be feeling different in the lead up to the marathon, and you may go through a mixture of emotions. This is completely normal. As hard as it might be, try to not let nerves get the better of you, especially if you’re a first time marathon runner. Surround yourself with positive, encouraging people and remember you won’t be the only one out there with mixed emotions.

And when the going gets tough...

...Think about what your fundraising will help Marie Curie do. By you putting your body through this gruelling challenge, you’ll be helping provide care and support for people living with a terminal illness.  

Just £20 of your fundraising can pay for a Marie Curie nurse to look after someone with a terminal illness for one hour, in the comfort of their own home. Our nurses do an incredible job, read more about their firsthand experience and why their job means so much to them and the people they help.

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