If you can swim, you can sign up for Swimathon

John Sharrocks, a pensioner, is a veteran Swimathon participant. In fact, he's taken part in every Swimathon event over the last 29 years and this year, he's swimming at his 30th Swimathon. Find out how it all started for John, and why he's still at it.

Swim for Marie Curie
Olympic gold medallist swimmer Duncan Goodhew with Swimathon veteran John Sharrocks on ITV London Tonight

John Sharrocks will be one of thousands of people across the UK taking on this year's Swimathon. In his 29 years of Swimathon, he has swam mostly 5k at each challenge - and that's around 200 lengths of your average swimming pool. But he tells us it's not just all about having the best strokes. 

John says: "People look at my breaststroke, and say 'he doesn't use his legs properly'. But you just get in and you keep going. I compare it to walking. If you could walk distances, you could swim distances." 

What a legend! John, we wish you all the very best. 

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