Why we chose Strathclyde Park

Strathclyde Country Park is an iconic North Lanarkshire country park which lies in 400 hectares of countryside in the valley of the River Clyde.

Take a trip through time and discover Strathclyde Park’s rich history and understand why this is the perfect location for our Walk to Remember Glasgow event.

History of Strathclyde Country Park

The remains of Bothwellhaugh Roman Fort and a Roman bath house can be seen in the park as well the site of the Battle of Bothwell Bridge (1679). Strathclyde Loch which hosts a number of world class rowing events each year was created in the early 1970s, this involved the flooding of the old mining village of Bothwellhaugh.

Hamilton Palace Colliery was one of several pits in Lanarkshire owned by The Bent Coal Company. Bothwellhaugh Village was closely associated with the pit known locally as “The Palis”.

The pit provided employment for over 1400 people, and excavated 2000 tonnes of coal a day.

The closure of the colliery in 1959 saw the decline of the community and the decision was eventually made to demolish the village, due to deterioration. Local myth has led many to believe that the village lies submerged under the waters of the loch, giving it the title “The Drowned Village”.

The area was infact bulldozed and cleared prior to the construction of Strathclyde Country Park. Strathclyde Country Park surrounds the scenic Strathclyde Loch where our Walk to Remember will take place around.

A host to major events

Since its creation in 1974 Strathclyde Country Park played host to a number of major events. Until 1996, the music festival T in the Park was held in the park, T in the Park first took place in 1994 at the park.

Strathclyde Loch has also played host to a number of world class rowing events including; rowing events for the 1986 Commonwealth Games, the 1996 Junior World Rowing Championships, the 2005 World Rowing Masters Regatta, the 2006 Commonwealth Rowing Championships as well as the British Rowing Championships every four years. Most recently Strathclyde Country Park played host to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Triathlon events.

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