Summer fundraising ideas

All our Walk to Remembers take place during the heart of the British summer. Read our summer fundraising ideas to find a few ways the scorching summer weather can help boost your fundraising efforts. 

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Throw a BBQ extravaganza

There's nothing better to do on a warm summer’s evening than get the BBQ out. Why not make this into a fundraiser? Keep it simple and just charge per burger, or go all out and organise live music, children’s games and a raffle. Whatever you decide to do, if the weather stays dry you’re sure to have a great summer fundraising event. 

Open-air film night

An outdoor film evening is the perfect summer fundraising event. Invite your friends, family, neighbours and everyone in between and charge entry to your open-air cinema experience. You could even setup a cinema tuck shop and drinks stall!

Children's sports day

A classic summer fundraising idea. Egg and spoon, sack race, three-legged race - take your friends and family back to their childhood by organising a children's sports day. Charge by the person or by the team and maximise your donations by having a cake or juice sale. No cheating allowed!

Sponsored wax

Summer is the time to pull those short shorts out from below your winter fleeces and thermal trousers. To make sure your legs are in tip top shape, try organising a sponsored waxing session. Charge people to pull a strip from the most tender of places (legs or anywhere you dare!). No pain no gain.

Sell a chore

Get out and about in your local community and sell a chore. Washing cars and cutting lawns are great summer chores that are sure to help you raise loads of money. You could even charge a little bit more by doing your chore in an embarrassing costume.

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Quiz night

Hold a quiz night and get everyone working their brains. Save money by hosting it at your house or at your local pub's free function room. Charge people to enter the quiz and maximise donations by throwing a raffle.

The 'give-up'

Everyone has something which they would loath to give up; social media, chocolate, the gym or those comfy slippers. Get people to sponsor you to give up that one thing you can’t live without. Set a duration of time or stick it out and see how long it takes you to break…nobody said this would be easy!


Set a fun sweepstake question such as sweets in the jar and charge everyone £2 to take a guess. Half the pot goes to the winner and the other half going towards your fundraising total. Everyone’s a winner!

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