How your collection helps

Your time spent collecting will help Marie Curie Nurses care for more people living with a terminal illness, so they can spend time with the people they love.

You’ll also have fun and make friends, as some of our fantastic volunteers explain below.

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Five reasons to collect

It’s quick

You can choose a collection start time, on any day that suits you, and we only ask for a couple of hours.

It’s easy 

Collecting is simple. We’ll give you advice about where to stand, as well as all the kit you need, and then you can look cheery and start supporting us. You can bring a friend along if you want! 

It’s fun 

The people you’ll meet can be real characters, and you’ll get chatting with people about their life and hear their stories.

It’s sociable 

Whether you’ll be chatting to the public, the people that work around the area you’re collecting, or even bump into fellow collectors, you’ll see collecting is so sociable.

It's rewarding 

You’ll end your collection knowing that you’ve connected with people, but also helped us. Without your help, we couldn’t offer care and support to people living with a terminal illness and their families.

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