Terms and conditions

By registering an interest in hosting a Gift of Time Raffle, I hereby accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. Marie Curie accepts no responsibility for the running of any Gift of Time Raffle, including hosting and promoting the draw and the financial or personnel resource required to undertake a Gift of Time Raffle.

  2. Marie Curie is not responsible for the management of any individual Gift of Time Raffle. Gift of Time is presented as a fundraising inspiration for individual work places to host their own ‘incidental non-commercial’ raffle and attribute any funds raised to Marie Curie. The Gift of Time event pack serves only as inspiration, material and a guide for holding the event. Marie Curie is not responsible for the undertaking of any such event.

  3. You guarantee to fulfil the raffle prize of at least one first prize - A voucher that can be exchanged for one day of annual leave. Each voucher has a monetary value equal to the price of the raffle ticket but can be exchanged for one day of annual leave at the third party’s discretion.

  4. Further information on holding an incidental non-commercial raffle can be found at www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk.

  5. The advice provided on holding a Gift of Time Raffle only covers residents of mainland Great Britain. Any individuals wishing to hold a Gift of Time Raffle in Northern Ireland should seek advice from their local authority.

  6. The legal advice for running a Gift of Time Raffle supplied in the Gift of Time event pack follows guidance from the Gambling Commission. Failure to follow this advice is at your own accord. Marie Curie will not be held accountable for any negligence and deviation from these rules.

  7. If you wish to use the charity logo in connection with your fundraising, you must request approval by emailing giftoftime@mariecurie.org.uk.

  8. The process to hold an online raffle is subject to further terms and conditions to be agreed on at a separate date.
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