Common questions

We answer some of the common questions our volunteers ask.

Around 9,000 people volunteer regularly for the charity. A further 25,300 volunteers collect for the annual Great Daffodil Appeal.

Volunteers can claim reimbursement for their travel costs to and from their place of volunteering. Your line manager will be able to provide you with more information about claiming expenses. Alternatively, you can find documents related to expenses in the Volunteering section of the Marie Curie Intranet.

Yes – we are happy to provide you with a reference if you have been volunteering for more than three months. A request for a reference should be sent to our Volunteer Centre and they will liaise with your line manager. We are able to provide a reference for up to three years after you leave your volunteering role. You can email the Volunteer Centre at to request a reference.

Yes. If your role involves driving, we will ask you to sign a simple form when you start. We will also ask you to send us copies of documents such as insurance and driving licence. This is then renewed on an annual basis.

We request these documents, to ensure that you are legally entitled to drive. We have a duty of care to all our volunteers and we need to make sure that we do everything we can to protect both you and the charity.

If you are driving as part of your role and haven't yet provided these documents, please speak to you line manager.

Yes, we have a range of courses available online, including an induction to the charity. Speak to your line manager about how to access the courses that are most appropriate to your role. You can access online training from your own computer at home, as well as from a Marie Curie computer.

Marie Curie People is the charity's monthly newspaper for all staff and volunteers. Speak to your line manager if you would like to receive a copy.

It is great that you are interested in helping at one of our events. We have a variety of different events on every year. To get involved, send an email to Louise Stone who will take you through the next steps.

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