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If you’d like to get out and about in support of Marie Curie, then we have a range of roles to suit you. We've highlighted a few below.

Fundraising Group MemberFundraising Group Member

Across the UK, small groups of dedicated local people join together to raise funds for Marie Curie.

Fundraising groups run their own events, organise collections, have coffee mornings and make a difference in their communities in countless other ways.

Being a Fundraising Group Member is a great way to meet new people and have fun while helping a great cause.

Watch our video

See how much fun you can have as part of one of our fundraising groups.

Video transcription

Woman 1: As a group, we can do more than you can as one person.

Woman 2: I think that this seems a more fun way of helping a charity.

Man 1: We're here to raise as much money as possible for Marie Curie.

Woman 3: I think the one word to sum up the group is friendship.

Woman 4: Today is the official launch of our Marie Curie Luton Fundraising Group.

Woman 5: Today is the winter fair, so it's something that we've worked towards for the six months before it.

Woman 6: Tonight's event is to celebrate our first anniversary of the group.

Man 2: It gives me great pleasure to pronounce this winter fair well and truly open.

Woman 7: I've come up to the cattle market for several years now. The farmers are always very generous and supportive.

Woman 8: We have dignitaries coming in today, two MPs and the Mayor and Mayoress who supported us. We're absolutely excited to, you know, go ahead and do a lot more fundraising events.

Woman 9: There's all kinds of different ways that you get involved.

Woman 10: Everybody is coming along with loads of ideas.

Woman 11: We're all strangers when we joined the group, and we've actually bonded and formed very quickly.

Woman 12: New to a city, new to a town, what better way to meet people, get out and do things?

Woman 13: Apart from getting money for Marie Curie, which is the main aim, I think we meet friends and we make new friends.

Woman 14: We definitely raise a lot more than I would be able to afford to give.

Women: Yeah.

Woman 15: It also gives you a great sense of satisfaction when you realize at the year end just how much money we've raised.

Woman 16: We are all busy, but we give the time to be able to do events and raise money.

Woman 17: When you get more involved in a fundraising group, you get to understand the charity a bit more and understand how many different families they help.

Woman 18: We wouldn't be achieving anything like that. I wouldn't be existing without you.

Woman 19: We just have an amazing, fun time together.

Woman 20: I just think you just need to take the plunge and do it.

Woman 21: Together, I'm sure that we can do something absolutely marvelous.

Woman 22: It's so rewarding, so I love it.

Katy’s story

Katy is the Treasurer of the Epsom fundraising group. Having experienced the support of a Marie Curie Nurse when her mother was ill, she knew that she wanted to help. Keeping the group’s financial records in order is vital but you don’t need to be an accountant.

Katy says: “I have always enjoyed volunteering for the charity and coming away feeling that I have done something worthwhile. Being in a fundraising group multiplies that feeling and is also a lot of fun.”

Read more about Katy’s experience

Volunteer hospice driverOther roles

Hospice Driver

Our hospice drivers are vital to many of our day patients, who simply wouldn’t be able to get to the hospice for their appointments without them. Often picking up the same person on a specific weekday, drivers go to homes throughout the area and give patients a lift in to the hospice. You’d need to have your own car but there’s a generous mileage allowance of 45p per mile so you shouldn’t be out of pocket. This is a sociable role too and you’ll need to be sensitive and caring as well as totally reliable.

Community Ambassador

Our Community Ambassadors go out and about giving talks about Marie Curie in their communities. We provide a toolkit of talks and lots of information and statistics for our ambassadors to let people in their local communities know who we are and what we do. It’s a role for someone organised and enthusiastic as it is up to ambassadors to make local contacts and arrange speaking commitments.

Collection Box Coordinator

Collection Box Coordinators liaise with local shops, pubs and hotels to ensure that Marie Curie collection boxes feature prominently in their local community. Volunteers return regularly to replace full boxes before counting and banking the money. This is a role that lets you choose the level of commitment you would like to make as well as ensuring that Marie Curie is well known locally.

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