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Bereavement Payment

If your husband, wife or civil partner dies you may be able to get a one-off, lump-sum payment of £2,000. This is called Bereavement Payment.

Who is it for?

Bereavement Payment is for a husband, wife or civil partner whose partner has died. If you were living with another person as part of a couple at the time of your partner’s death, but weren’t married or in a civil partnership, you won’t qualify.

You must normally have been under State Pension age when they died. This is currently 65 years old for men. For women, it’s gradually changing from 62 to 65 years old. See the website   to work out your State Pension age.

Bereavement Payment also depends on the National Insurance contributions that your late husband, wife or civil partner paid when they were working. The rules for this are complicated so ask your local Citizens Advice   for information, or contact the DWP Bereavement Service or Social Security Agency Bereavement Service.

How much could you get?

Bereavement Payment is a tax-free, one-off payment of £2,000. It’s paid all at once, as a lump sum.

How to claim

The time limit for claiming a Bereavement Payment is normally 12 months from the date of death.

England, Scotland and Wales

Contact the DWP Bereavement Service  .

Northern Ireland

Contact the Social Security Agency Bereavement Service  .

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