Vicki Burton

Vicki’s mother Maggie was cared for at the hospice, and she's managed to fundraise a huge amount of money and will be paying for two days, 27 August and 12 December 2015. Here's why.

Vicki Burton and her mum, Maggie, Pay for a Day Marie Curie Hospice, Bradford

“In December 2012 I lost my beautiful mum Maggie to a terrible cancer. She received the most amazing care at the hospice. They also looked after the whole family, even organising a special Christmas Day for my family of 15. I’ll be paying for two days:  the 27 August – my mum’s birthday – and 12 December, the day she died in the hospice. I get comfort from knowing that I’ve helped these wonderful angels care for another family at the time when they need it most.”

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