Day services

With group activities and individual appointments we can help you choose the best options to suit your health needs, lifestyle and circumstances. Services are always free for patients and families.

Options include:

  • physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • emotional and spiritual support
  • complementary therapies
  • meeting and sharing experiences with others
  • guidance on how to get services or equipment
  • clinics led by our nurses
  • information about welfare benefits and allowances for you and your family


"Be Inspired" Breathlessness Management Course

These courses are available on weekdays. The hospice staff will be able to advise you on specific times.

This six-week course will you to manage your breathlessness and its associated side-effects. You will:

  • understand breathlessness and how it can affect your daily living
  • find out why you are having symptoms
  • learn techniques to manage your symptoms
  • find out how medication can help you manage your breathlessness
  • have the opportunity to share your experiences with other people

We will meet you to review your progress and look at how you can continue to have the support you need.

Family and Carers’ Cafe

These drop in sessions are held on the first and last Tuesday of each month from 2pm (tea and coffee are provided free of charge).

Families and carers can have the time and space to talk about their feelings, fears and expectations.

The number of sessions you or your family attend depends on individual needs.

Our nurses can also give one-to-one support for patients and their families including children.

Nurse-led clinics

Clinics are held Monday to Friday as required

Complementary therapies

Sessions available by appointment and via a referral from a Health Care Professional.

Our wide range of safe and natural complementary therapies do not replace traditional care, but patients often comment on their relaxing qualities and overall benefits.

Therapies include: aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, reflexology, reiki, massage and relaxation.

Complementary therapy sessions are open to carers too.

Intravenous infusions and blood transfusions

We are in the process of setting up this service which will be available by appointment.

Bereavement Support Group 

Relatives of patients known to Marie Curie are able to access the breavement support group.  This is a six week group that is facilitated by our Specialist Social Workers.  It is an opportunity to meet with other bereaved people and access additional support services.  

How to get day service care

Ask your GP, nurse or hospital consultant if they think you could benefit from Marie Curie Hospice day services and whether they will refer you.

For more details about day services phone: 029 2042 6000.

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