In-patient care

There are times when in-patient care can help people manage their symptoms, such as pain, breathlessness or distress.

Our in-patient unit has 20 beds offering single or shared accommodation for short-term care at the hospice. People usually stay for a few days or a few weeks so we can help improve their situation wherever possible and give them any extra care they need, which may include care towards the end of their lives.

Those who return home after a short stay with us can continue getting a range of care and support from our hospice community team. We can also arrange for equipment or adaptations to people’s homes.

Visitors’ facilities

If you're staying at the hospice, your visitors are welcome to use one of the lounges, quiet room or gardens to spend time with you. We also have some facilities for relatives who would like to stay overnight.

How to get in-patient care

Ask your GP, nurse or hospital consultant if they think you could benefit from Marie Curie Hospice in-patient services and whether they will refer you.

For more information about in-patients, please phone 0131 470 2201.

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