Ross and Caitlin Clift

Ross and Caitlin will be supporting the Marie Curie Hospice, Glasgow by paying for Christmas Day in 2016, in memory of their mum, Ann Clift.

Ann Clift (left) with her children Ross and Caitlin, who have raised an incredible amount for the Glasgow hospice.

"On the 1 April this year, our mum was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine cancer which is a very rare type of tumour," Ross explains. "At first she reacted well to the radiotherapy and seemed to be heading in the right direction, but she had a seizure and was admitted to hospital in June.

"After 5 weeks of being in the Royal Infirmary then moved to the Beatson, our mum was eventually moved to the hospice in Glasgow. She loved it so much; from the nurses to the food to the views. It was a holiday away from the hospitals she had been in for over a month. 

"Unfortunately just under four weeks later on the 10 August at the young age of 47 our mum passed away. She was surrounded by the comforts of the hospice, and the family had been made aware a week prior that she was deteriorating. 

"Most of my family moved into the hospice for that week and we can't thank the staff enough for what they did for us, making us feel as comfortable as possible.

"Before my mum passed away, we decided to host a charity night in October to pay back the hospice for what they had given us. I was delighted when we raised enough money to pay for Christmas Day at the hospice. This will now be an annual event for us and we can't wait to keep supporting the hospice for the coming years and beyond."

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