Day services

With group activities and individual appointments we can help you choose the best options to suit your health needs, lifestyle and circumstances. Services are always free for patients and families.

A programme of care tailored to your needs

Our specialists can help with different aspects of your illness and will recommend an individual plan of care. You will have a nurse on hand each week to make sure you are getting the support you need.

Your care will focus not only on the physical symptoms of your illness but also on helping you to regain control and improve your overall quality of life.

Day therapy sessions

These sessions are held on Monday – Thursday, from 10am - 4pm.

You can come to the hospice for a day each week. We will help you put together a programme of care based on your individual needs, which may include:

  • specialist medical or nursing care
  • physiotherapy to help you stay as independent as possible
  • complementary therapies
  • specialist emotional support and therapies
  • practical help, including financial advice
  • relaxation time
  • occupational therapy support, including cooking aids and adaptations.

You can also take part in group activities, including arts and crafts, jewellery making, baking, and quizzes.

Complementary therapies

These sessions are arranged by appointment which last from 30 minutes to an hour.

Our wide range of safe and natural complementary therapies do not replace traditional care but patients often comment on their relaxing qualities and overall benefits. Sessions are open to carers too.

Therapies include: acupuncturearomatherapy, Indian head massage, reflexologyreiki and relaxation.

Outpatient clinics

These clinics will be arranged by appointment.

You can visit one of our specialist doctors, nurses or other therapists, in our outpatient clinics for a one-to-one consultation.

Rehabilitation programme

This programme can be arranged by appointment and usually lasts around an hour.

This six-week programme aims to help you cope with everyday living. It is particularly useful for people who are experiencing fatigue following cancer treatments or people with other progressive illnesses.

We will tailor a gentle exercise programme to your needs. This will help to reduce fatigue, improve strength and build stamina. We will also support you with any emotional aspects of your illness, such as anxiety or depression.

For example, one of our patients found the exercises helped to keep his shoulders mobile so he could continue to drive. Another, found it helped reduce pain from scar tissue following neck surgery.

For further information, download our leaflet below.

Head to Toe: Hair Loss and Pampering Service

If you are facing hair loss or have lost your hair due to cancer treatment, we can show you how specialised headwear can be an alternative to wigs. We are able to offer a variety of headwear options, including hats, scarves and hairpieces. You will be given the opportunity to try and buy and be given ideas on how to tie scarves to best suit you.

To book a free appointment, phone 0191 219 1000.

For further information, read our leaflet in the download section below.


This therapy can be arranged by appointment (around an hour).

Hypnosis allows you to open your mind to beneficial suggestions, helping you to make positive changes in your life.

The hypnotic state is similar to the feelings we often have as we drift off to sleep or as we awake in the morning.
After hypnotherapy you are usually able to recall the whole experience.

Intravenous infusions and blood transfusions

This service is available Monday – Thursday from 10:00 am in our Day Therapy Unit.

If you normally receive bisphosphonate infusions or blood transfusions in hospital you can have them here at the hospice instead. Ask your GP, consultant or nurse to refer you to the hospice.

During your visit you can also take advantage of our facilities and services including our complementary therapies.

How to get day service care

Ask your GP, nurse or hospital consultant if they think you could benefit from Marie Curie Hospice day services and whether they will refer you.
For more information about day services, please phone: 0191 2191000

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