Solihull Fundraising Group, 17 September 2015

The Solihull Fundraising Group has made another fantasitc effort and is supporting the hospice on Thursday 17 September 2015.

Suzanne, a member of the Solihull Fundraising Group, said, 'The Marie Curie Hospice and nurses were a Godsend to me. I'd just come home from my final year at uni and with my mum in the hospice I was scared. The nurses soon helped with that and made me feel part of the family, which they'd already done with my mum. They did so much to help my mum with her pain and also the important things in life such as birthday parties!  They threw her a mini birthday party with a cake and balloons and made her feel so special  - our family had so many smiles through tears that day."

"I want to thank Marie Curie for everything they did and am part of Solihull Fundraising Group so that I can support Marie Curie to help others."

To find out more about what the Solihull Fundraising Group are doing next, including a fashion show at John Lewis on Thursday 19 November 2015, take a look at the group's website.

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