Day services

With group activities and individual appointments we can help you choose the best options to suit your health needs, lifestyle and circumstances. Services are always free for patients and families.

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Day therapy sessions

We will help you put together a programme to support you based on your individual needs. Options include:

  • information and advice on any aspect of your illness
  • help with controlling your symptoms
  • emotional support
  • education sessions on topics from medication, exercise and mobility to finances
  • complementary therapies
  • a programme to help relieve tiredness, anxiety or breathing difficulties
  • creative activities – from crafts to music and gardening
  • gentle exercise and Wii Fit
  • opportunities to meet others in a similar situation

Sessions are available Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.


Monthly support group for patients, carers and families

This group offers mutual support to patients, carers and families, including young people.
You and your fellow group members are free to decide what you would like to do at each meeting. It might involve relaxing and chatting or perhaps asking a speaker to come and present on a topic of interest to you all.

You can also browse through our wide range of health and information leaflets or ask our volunteer to point you in the right direction for services and support.

We have internet facilities to help you search for information on any aspect of your illness or care – just ask our volunteer if you need help.
Meeting dates to be fixed by mutual agreement.

Complementary therapies

Our wide range of safe and natural complementary therapies do not replace traditional care, but people often comment on their relaxing qualities and overall benefits. Sessions are open to carers too.

Therapies include: aromatherapy, Indian head massage, massagereflexology and relaxation.

Sessions to be arranged by appointment.

Fatigue, Anxiety and Breathlessness Clinic

This four-week course is useful for people with life-limiting illnesses such as cancer, motor neurone disease, heart problems, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or renal failure. The course can help people to cope with their symptoms and enjoy a better quality of life.

We may be able to help if you are feeling:

  • extremely tired or lacking energy
  • worried, uneasy, out of control or experiencing panic
  • out of breath after normal everyday activity

Our course team includes a doctor, physiotherapist, occupational therapist (OT) and specialist palliative care nurse.
They will help you to understand why you are feeling the way you do and try to find ways to help relieve your symptoms. You will also have the opportunity to talk through your feelings with staff or other people in a similar position. For more information, read our leaflet (PDF 143KB).

Carers, friends and family are welcome to come with you.

Sessions are two hours a week and courses are held throughout the year.

Intravenous infusions

If you normally receive bisphosphonate infusions in hospital you can have them here at the hospice instead. The service is available every Friday.
During your visit you can also take advantage of our facilities and services including our complementary therapies.

Outpatient appointments

You can visit one of our specialist doctors, nurses or therapists in one of our clinics for a one-to-one consultation.

While you are here you can use our relaxation space and facilities before or after your appointment for a more calming experience.

This service is available by appointment.

How to get day service care

Ask your GP, nurse or hospital consultant if they think you could benefit from Marie Curie Hospice day services and whether they will refer you.
For more details about day services phone: 0121 703 3600 and ask to speak to one of the day services’ staff.

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