Support for families

Your family may need support and we can help them too. We can offer practical, emotional and spiritual support to the family members and close friends of patients being cared for at the hospice.

We have areas where your family and friends can relax and facilities if they would like to stay overnight. Carers can also phone for advice on 0121 703 3600.

Patients and visitors can relax in our landscaped gardens and family area.

Monthly support group for patients, carers and families

This group offers mutual support to patients, carers and families, including young people.

You and your fellow group members are free to decide what you would like to do at each meeting. It might involve relaxing and chatting or perhaps asking a speaker to come and present on a topic of interest to you all.

You can also browse through our wide range of health and information leaflets or ask our volunteer to point you in the right direction for services and support.

We have internet facilities to help you search for information on any aspect of your illness or care – just ask our volunteer if you need help.

Meeting dates to be fixed by mutual agreement.

Complementary therapies

Our wide range of safe and natural complementary therapies do not replace traditional care, but people often comment on their relaxing qualities and overall benefits. Sessions are open to carers too.

Therapies include: aromatherapy, Indian head massage, massage, reflexology and relaxation, which can be arranged by appointment.

Emotional support and counselling

Our trained and experienced staff can help people adjust to changes in their circumstances. They will get to know your family, including children or grandchildren, and focus on how best to support them and help with any emotional difficulties. You can arrange for a one-to-one appointment.

Bereavement support for families

We provide bereavement support for families, including specialist support for children who are dealing with the loss of someone close.

How to get support for families

Services are available to family members of patients who have received care from the hospice.

Please ask a nurse or one of the social workers for more information.

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