Dad could talk to the nurses about his worries

Christine was able to care for her dad, Granville, at home, with the support of Marie Curie Nurses.

Marie Curie Nurses cared for Christine's father Granville at home so he could spend time with his family. Christine explains the difference our nurses made. 

Christine explained:

“Dad was a very proud man and he didn’t want strangers involved in his care. He didn’t want to go into a home or a hospice, he was very adamant about that. 

“Until he was diagnosed with bowel cancer he was very well and very active. He was a very bright man with a dry sense of humour. He adored his great-granddaughters, calling the youngest, Sophie, Goldilocks. She always made him smile. 

“I was Dad’s main carer and wasn’t getting a great quality of sleep. That was when the Marie Curie Nurses came in to sit with him during the night and sometimes during the day as well to let me have a bit of a rest. 

“It gave me peace of mind to know there was someone qualified with him. And he could talk to the nurses in a way he couldn’t talk to me, in case it upset me. 

“We’re just so grateful for what they did for us.”

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