Nurse Alex brightened Tom’s last days

Marie Curie Nurse Alex was a breath of fresh air for Tom's final days at home. Tom’s wife, Chris, explains how Marie Curie helped.

Tom and Meghan

“Tom wanted to die at home, but he was taken into a hospice for some help with his swallowing. With tongue cancer, after a time, you can’t swallow properly and he was frightened he would choke.

“I took him home after three days in the hospice and that’s when Alex Lobbin, one of the Marie Curie Nurses, came in to help. She was a really lovely girl – we couldn’t have wished for anyone nicer. Tom really took to Alex and didn’t want a different nurse so she gave up her nights off and stayed with us the whole week up until he died on the Sunday.

Nurse Alex made the room light up

“When Alex came through the door it was as if someone had switched a light on. Her whole persona lit up everywhere. Tom and I had been married for nearly 50 years and been together for 58. We didn’t want doom and gloom. We still joked and we still laughed the best way we could. Alex always made Tom laugh. The whole family loved her.

“After Tom died, our granddaughter said: ‘We need to do something for Marie Curie.’ She was only 11 at the time. My son has a motorbike so we thought of doing a bike run. Now we’re doing it every year – nearly one hundred bikes turned up to the last one. I’ll do it for as long as I can and then my granddaughter will take over.

“I’ll never forget Alex or Marie Curie. I’m indebted to them for what they did to help me with Tom. The care isn’t just for the person who is terminally ill but for the family as well – it’s above and beyond. They are fantastic, absolutely fantastic.”

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