What to do before the nurse arrives

You don’t need to do much to prepare before your Marie Curie Nurse arrives at your home, but there are a few things it would be helpful for you to consider:

  • Please arrange for a reasonably comfortable chair in the room where your nurse will sit. They’ll need to be able to see and hear you, so it’s ideal if they can be based in your room. If you prefer for them to be based in another room, it can be helpful to have a monitor (such as a baby monitor) in your room. They’ll also need a light in your room so they can see you (and a light where they’re sitting if not in your room).
  • Suitable heating is appreciated, especially during the colder months and at night. If the room becomes too stuffy, a window that can be opened is also appreciated provided it doesn’t disturb you.
  • You don’t need to provide food for the nurse. However, they do appreciate being able to make themselves a hot drink during their visit.
  • Marie Curie Nurses aren’t able to work in conditions where there is smoking because of the risk from passive smoking. You can help us by providing a smoke-free environment in the room where our nurse is caring for you and any other rooms they will need to enter.

Please also make sure your nurse has easy access to:

  • your care plan
  • your medication and emergency drug box if the district nurse or specialist nurse has provided one
  • fresh bed linen and nightclothes for you
  • any equipment already in your home to help with moving you

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