What happens when you are referred to us

You may be referred to our nursing service by your district nurse or specialist nurse, if they think you and your family could benefit from the support we offer.

Your district nurse or specialist nurse will arrange your care with us, based on your needs.
We will always try to contact you at least a day in advance of our visit to let you know a Marie Curie Nurse or Healthcare Assistant will be coming. Occasionally, however, we may not be able to confirm with you until the day of our visit.

If you want to check whether a nurse has been requested for you on a particular date, or if you have any other questions about our service, you can phone us on 0800 634 4520 (9am – 10.30pm, seven days a week).

Will a nurse always be available when I need one?

We do our best to fulfil every request for care, but there may be occasions when we don’t have a nurse or healthcare assistant available for a requested time or date.
If that happens, we’ll try and arrange an alternative time or date that works for you with your district nurse or specialist nurse.

If our nurse or healthcare assistant becomes unavailable at short notice due to sickness or severe weather, we will make every effort to find a replacement. We will let you know as soon as possible if we’re not able to do so.

More about our nursing services

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