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Thank you to the people affected by terminal illness who reviewed the information in this section. 

We’d also like to thank the following subject matter experts who helped to ensure the accuracy of this content:

  • Sally Ashford, Legal Director, Charles Russell LLP
  • Tracey Buckley, Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Claire Cairns, Network Coordinator, Coalition for Carers in Scotland
  • Vicki Ewart, Practice Educator
  • Maxine Finlay, Communications and PR Manager, Carers Trust
  • Lynda Finney, Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Gillian Foreman, Clinical Nurse Manager, Marie Curie
  • Tracy Fox, Nurse, Marie Curie
  • Richard Gamlin, Nurse, Rapid Response Team, Marie Curie
  • Alison Harding, Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Kirsten Hearn, Publications and Policy Lead
  • Dawn Heron, Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Paula Heneghan, Regional Manager
  • Russell Jones, Chaplain, Marie Curie
  • Sally Lemon, Registered Nurse, Marie Curie
  • Yvonne Owens, Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Amanda Poppleton, Clinical Development Manager
  • Ethna Scallon, Social Worker
  • Christine Sutcliffe, Principal Social Worker, Marie Curie
  • Maxine Topping, Social Worker
  • Anne Wadey, Bereavement Advice Consultant 
  • Hannah Wilson, Social Worker
  • and Marie Curie’s Policy and Public Affairs team
  • Elisabeth Andresen, Solicitor, Leigh Day
  • Alison Bennett, Communications Officer, SPSO
  • Caelainn Carson, Patient and Client Council
  • Lynda Finney, Clinical Nurse Manager, Marie Curie
  • Geraldine Gold, PALS Liaison, Royal Brompton Hospital
  • Chris Hanwell, Former CAB caseworker
  • Emma Jones, Solicitor, Leigh Day
  • Joanne Jones, Wales CHC
  • Christine Lang, PASS Project Coordinator, Citizens Advice Scotland
  • Jackie Lawlor, Northern Ireland Ombudsman
  • Maria McGuffin, HSC Northern Ireland
  • Ben Miller, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
  • Rowena Mbanu, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

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