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Dick and Di's story

Saying goodbye

Dick and Di planned a formal, ritual goodbye, so they would not have any last minute awkwardness with a long drawn out goodbye.

And so Di and I decided to say goodbye in almost a formal ritual way so that there would be no sort of last minute, you know, sort of longings and clingings on between us. So we had one evening when she was lying in the bed, and I sat down beside her. She was sitting up, and I just talked a bit about how we first met. And then, then we said goodbye, and I gave her a last kiss. Our last lovers kiss. I kissed her again afterwards, but that was the last time. And that was the most... of all the difficult moments that was the most difficult, but I'm so, so glad we did it. So, so glad we did it.

It was... It was... It just was moving and just very meaningful, you know. It rounded off our relationship. And so we were able to then continue and, you know, look after her until her death without any kind of that awkwardness, that emotional difficulty, you know, with that little long drawn out goodbye might have engendered.

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