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Poppy's story

Supporting carers

The person who does the caring needs support as well. Poppy was lucky to have friends and family as her support system.

I think it's important to…everyone says know the options, know the options. We didn't have many options, so that would have been, I guess, overwhelming to have to try and decide the best treatment and think…

But I think you just need to have a really good support system and someone you can trust and you feel safe with. And most importantly, you feel that whomever, you know your relative is in the best possible care and they're as comfortable... 
That was the thing for me, is making him as comfortable and as, kind of, loved as possible and just felt as reassured as possible, when essentially what they're doing is going on the most difficult - when you're so aware of when your own world of…

I think it's important for the person who is caring to have a support as well, and I was lucky that I had his friends and my family. But, they just need to know, you need to understand the disease and you need to not let it consume you though. You need to - I would say - just make the most of your time.

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