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Saba's story

On the end of a loved one's life - Saba's story

Saba’s mother chose to go to a hospice where she had received good care before. Saba was relieved and thinks her mother would have felt it was like ‘she was going home’.

She said to me, "We need to get her out of hospital now." They said that the hospice had offered to take her back this week, which I was so relieved at, because I knew that one place.

And they said, "It's up to you. Do you want her to go to the hospital? Or do you want her to go home? You have to make that decision now."

I knew at that stage that this was it. I said, "I need to speak to my mother."

At no stage did we say to my mother that this is it. "This is it. This is the final stage."

I said to my mum, "They're going to let you out of hospital. You can either go to the hospice, or you can come home." We didn't tell her that she was going to die at this stage.

My mum said to me, "I want to go to the hospice."

I felt relieved, and I felt that she felt relieved. She felt like she was going home for her. I think that she knew, at that stage, the amount of care she was going to get she would get it from the hospice. She could see the struggles that we had been under. Though at no point did we ever make it feel to her that she was a burden to us. You could just see the relief on her face that she felt.

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