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Sarah's story

A peaceful end

Sarah remembers her mother’s death at home as very peaceful and very natural, with her family around her.

And the family, I mean we're a good family. We sort of stick together. There was myself, my husband, and two daughters at home. We didn't have much conversation about it. It caught us out
that granny was going this way, but at the same time perhaps it wasn't a surprise, I don't know. Having realized pretty quickly that you couldn't see how she was going to get better, it was just a question of keeping her to us and her having us near and being at home and having flowers and music around.

I put new curtains up in her bedroom window and everything, and she'd taken all that in before she'd sort of taken to her bed. Well, taken to her bed, couldn't get out of bed. She was an immensely peaceful person actually in herself. She's a very calm person. She was sort of still waters run deep, and that helped because it was like she was really being herself. I think when you think about it, being in hospital is such a public place, isn't it?

So it was very natural and very organic and very, funny word, holistic sort of thing. She was like, in the bosom of the family, which is where she'd been and where lots of women are anyway.

Often those little, funny things, when you think like the fact that she had the pretty curtains up that were new for her coming home and lots of flowers, which we always had anyway. Then when it became that she was in bed, you know, we lit candles, which was probably more for us than for her, but it was nice through the night that we were with her and there was just candlelight.

On top of that, it was the week of the snow and it meant . . . we live next to a big school, and the school was off, so there was no traffic outside. So it was immensely peaceful. It was like my
mum had ordained it somehow because she was so peaceful. She loved beauty. She loved the outdoors. It was just amazing, and she'd seen the snow. On top of no traffic, the snow muffled sound anyway, so there was like an incredible peacefulness about it.

My 23-year-old daughter's put in an order for a death like it, so I think that's quite a good recommendation.

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