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Thank you to the people affected by terminal illness who reviewed the information in this section.

We’d also like to thank the following subject matter experts who helped to ensure the accuracy of this content: 

  • James Antoniou, Head of Wills, Cooperative Legal
  • Sally Ashford, Legal Director, Charles Russell LLP
  • Christine Barker, Social Worker, Marie Curie
  • Sue Bott, Director of Policy and Development, Disability Rights UK
  • Tom Brickley, Social Media Manager, Marie Curie
  • Emily Buck, Occupational Therapist
  • Cheryl Brewerton, Practice Educator
  • Clare Brown, Social Worker, British Association of Social Workers
  • Catherine Cairns, Social Worker
  • Dan Carter, Individual Giving Manager, Legacies
  • Simon Chapman, National Council for Palliative Care, Policy Director
  • Francesca Cooney, Advice & Information Service Manager, Prison Reform Trust
  • Susanna Dan, Registered Nurse
  • Ann Davidson, Senior Insights Manager
  • Ian B Dearing, Solicitor
  • Jo DeBank, Media and Communications Officer, Human Tissue Authority
  • Kate Egerton, Solicitor, Leigh Day
  • Julia Elliott, Practice Educator
  • Ceri Evans, Business Partner, HR Services, Marie Curie
  • Lynda Finney, Clinical Nurse Manager, Marie Curie
  • Adam Firth, GP, NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Alison Fisher, Temporary Inpatient Manager
  • Robert Forsyth, Senior Associate, DLA Piper
  • Tracy Fox, Staff Nurse
  • Joanne Garrett, Principal Social Worker
  • Austin Gill, Head of Probate, Co-operative Legal Services
  • Joe Godden, Social Worker, British Association of Social Workers
  • Hannah Gunn, Medical Director
  • Richard Hamer, Lead Partner, Animate Consulting
  • Jayne Hammond, Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Kevin Higgins, Head of Policy, Advice NI
  • Elaine Hill, Hospice Manager
  • Sarah Holmes, Medical Director
  • Wendy Honey, Staff Nurse
  • Wendy Johnson, Senior Nurse
  • Russell Jones, Chaplain
  • Helen Journeaux, Policy and Relationship Management, Office of the Public Guardian
  • Melanie Legg, Practice Educator
  • Ruth Liley, Assistant Director Quality Assurance, Marie Curie
  • Janet Leitch, Nurse Therapist
  • Sally Lemon, Registered Nurse
  • Catherine Le Roy, Registered Nurse
  • Janis McCulla, Helper Service Manager
  • Lynne MacInnes, Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Ruth Mitchell, Acting Day Therapies Unit Manager and Occupational Therapist
  • Bria Mongan, Assistant Director for Prisoner Healthcare, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust
  • Val Moore, Practice Educator
  • Bill Noble, Medical Director
  • Laura Orger, Solicitor, Prisoner Advice Service
  • Michael Paul, Advice Services Manager, Disability Rights UK
  • Dr Marian Peacock, Senior Research Associate, Lancaster University
  • Pam Penman, Practice Educator
  • Rachel Russell, Occupational Therapist, The OT Practice
  • Liz Sayce, CEO, Disability Rights UK
  • Lucy Series, Research Associate, Centre for Health & Social Care Law, Cardiff Law School
  • Jo Shackleton, Senior Nurse
  • Patrick Sherlock, Physiotherapist
  • Alan Slater, Chief Executive, National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD)
  • Robbie Spence, Welfare Benefits Adviser, Disability Rights UK
  • Christine Sutcliffe, Principal Social Worker, Marie Curie
  • Cathy Smith, Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Tracy Smith, Practice Educator
  • Dr Tazbita Tasnim, Anaesthetist and member of the Muslim Health Service
  • Adrian Tookman, Medical Director, Marie Curie
  • Dr Mary Turner, Research Fellow, Lancaster University
  • Merry Varney, Solicitor, Leigh Day
  • Anne Wadey, Head of the Bereavement Advice Centre
  • Nazar Wali, Ethnic minority liaison worker, Bradford NHS
  • Cara Walton, Nurse Practitioner
  • Caroline Wright, Communications Manager, Office of the Public Guardian
  • Marie Curie’s Policy and Public Affairs team

This information has been approved by Anne Cleary, Deputy Director of Nursing at Marie Curie.


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