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In 25 years' time, there will be around 100,000 more deaths each year in the UK. In Scotland, there will be around 7,000; in Wales, around 3,000; in Northern Ireland, around 4,000. Source: ONS (2014). 2012-based National Population Projections.

44% of adults in the last year of life have multiple long-term conditions. Source: Nuffield Trust, 2015, Individual correspondence with Marie Curie (data available on request). Cohort of 73,243 adults as defined in Nuffield Trust 2012 report: "Understanding patterns of health and social care at the end of life", List of chronic (long term) conditions: Diabetes, Hypertension, Congestive heart failure, COPD, Ischaemic heart disease, Asthma, Angine, Cerebrovascular disease, Connective tissue disease/rheumatoid arthritis, Sickle cell disease, Renal failure, Cancer and Dementia. Chronic (long term) conditions are assigned to individuals by scanning all inpatient diagnoses recorded during the last two years of life.

The number of people in England with at least three long-term conditions is expected to have risen from 1.9 million in 2008 to 2.9 million by 2018. Source: Department of Health (2012). Long Term Conditions Compendium of Information – Third Edition. 30 May 2012.

Carers say 7 out of 10 people with a terminal illness don't get all the care and support they need. Source: On behalf of Marie Curie, Ipsos MORI interviewed a quote sample of 1,067 adults aged 16-75 online who had cared for a family member, friend or neighbour who was, or is, terminally ill in the last 3 years. This sample was screened from a nationally representative sample of 6,136 online adults aged 16-75 within the UK. Interviews took place across the UK using i:omnibus, Ipsos MORI's online omnibus, between 3rd and 29th October 2014. Data are weighted by age, gender, region, working status and social grade to match the profile of the target audience.

About three quarters of people who die in the UK will need and benefit from some form of palliative care. Sources: Murtagh FEM, Bausewein C, Verne J, Groeneveld El. (2014). How many people need palliative care? A study developing and comparing methods for population-based estimates. Palliative Medicine, January 2014, vol 28, no. 1, pp49-58; Moens K, Higginson IJ, Harding R (2014). Are there differences in the prevalence of palliative care-related problems in people living with advanced cancer and eight non-cancer conditions? A systematic review. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. 2014 Oct; 48(4) pp. 660-77

67% of people aged 65 and over in Scotland have more than one long-term condition. Source: 'Epidemiology of multimorbidity and implications for health care, research, and medical education: a cross-sectional study' Karen Barnett, Stewart W Mercer, Michael Norbury, Graham Watt, Sally Wyke, Bruce Guthrie (2012)

33% of people in Wales aged 65 and over have more than one chronic condition. Source: Wales Audit Office. 2014. The Management of Chronic Conditions in Wales – An Update

Projected rise of 50% in the number of people aged 85 and over in Northern Ireland in the next ten years. Source: NISRA Nov 2013

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