End Funeral Poverty campaign

In 2016 burial fees in Scotland rose on average by 8% and cremation fees by 11%. Added to this is the fact that these fees vary massively across Scotland. Some people pay as much as four times the amount others are paying. This is why Marie Curie and Citizens Advice Scotland are pledging to help the End Funeral Poverty campaign.

Marie Curie’s frontline advisers and social work teams continue to tell us that more people every year are struggling to scrape together the money to pay for a funeral. We believe that if left unchecked, funeral poverty is going to have a knock on effect on other public services in Scotland. Preventative action is now a serious priority. The current trend of rising funeral costs is unsustainable and is damaging communities across Scotland. 

Marie Curie and Citizens Advice Scotland have teamed up to ask local council candidates to sign our funeral poverty pledge to help control the costs of funerals and support the bereaved in their community. 

The pledge card can be downloaded below. Please print and sign it, and then tweet it or make a post to Facebook. Don’t forget to tag @MarieCurieSCO and @CitAdviceScot   and and use the hashtag #EndFuneralPovertyPledge

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