Ranulph Fiennes' epic challenge


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Ranulph Fiennes is aiming to become the first person to have crossed both polar ice caps and climbed the highest mountain on every continent.

Explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes is attempting to become the first person to cross both polar ice caps and climb the highest mountains on each continent in aid of Marie Curie. This ‘Global Reach Challenge’ brings together Sir Ranulph’s lifetime of exploration.

Back in 1982 he successfully crossed both polar ice caps. In 2004 he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa and in 2009 he scaled Mount Everest in Asia. 

Then in 2016 he announced his intention to climb the five remaining highest mountains to complete this world first – all in aid of Marie Curie. The combined height of all five of these mountains is twice as high as the cruising altitude of an A380 jet!

Since launching the challenge Sir Ranulph has successfully climbed Mount Elbrus in Europe and Mount Vinson in Antarctica. But to complete his Global Reach Challenge and claim a world first, he still needs to climb:

  • Mount Aconcagua in South America
  • Mount Carstenz in Indonesia
  • Mount Denali in North America.

All donations towards Sir Ranulph’s Global Reach Challenge will go to Marie Curie. The costs of the challenge are being covered by the generous sponsorship of long-term benefactor Paul Sykes and corporate sponsor TMF Group. Thanks to the generous sponsorship and support from the following companies, without who the challenge would not be possible - Paul Sykes, TMF Group, Inmarsat, LEAR Fitness, Berghaus, Wexas Travel, Kobler & Partner and Sporting Edge. HRH The Prince of Wales is the Royal Patron of the Global Reach Challenge. 

Global Reach Challenge Ranulph Fiennes

What Ranulph will face

Ranulph will face extreme temperatures, unpredictable weather, altitude sickness and the risk of accidents. 

On top of that, he's also lost half of each of the fingers and thumb on his left hand, meaning he’s unable to properly hold a standard ice axe. He has also suffered two heart attacks, undergone a double heart bypass, a cancer operation and is in a constant fight with diabetes.

Why he's doing the challenge

Ranulph told us, “I feel compelled to keep setting myself these challenges to raise money for Marie Curie. Since the death of my first wife Ginny, I’ve wanted to raise money to help Marie Curie Nurses care for people living with any terminal illness, and their families.

“Climbing five further mountains in a short space of time is going to be a definite challenge, especially climbing Denali in Alaska which only had an 18% success rate during this year’s season. But if it raises money for Marie Curie then I would really like to have a go.”

Donate to Ranulph’s Global Reach Challenge to help Marie Curie reach more people living with a terminal illness.