Funding for research

We believe that, by investing in high-quality palliative care research, we can provide immediate and longer-term benefits to people with terminal illnesses.

Over the last year we have taken forward a number of funding activities, both independently and in partnership with other organisations, to expand our research portfolio in end of life care.

We are awarding research project grants in open competition to the Marie Curie Research Grants Scheme and have an ongoing portfolio of projects funded through the Dimbleby Marie Curie Research Fund.

All applications are subject to a process of external peer review before the final decision is made at a meeting of an independent funding committee.

Find out more about the Marie Curie Research Grants Scheme and the Dimbleby Marie Curie Research Fund.

Visit the AMRC website for information about the Peer Review Audit 2015  .

Marie Curie is a member of the UK end of life care research interest group  

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