Tea, treats and tombolas in memory of Frank

This year, Sheena and her family held a Blooming Great Tea Party at their home in Telford; a particularly special event not only because it was the first time Sheena had hosted a tea party, but because it was in memory of Sheena’s father, Frank. 

Frank relaxing in the back yard in 2014.

“When my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and then a brain tumour, he decided not to have actual treatment. It was very important to him to be at home in familiar surroundings, and on the few occasions he had to stay in hospital he became very unsettled.

“I didn’t really know what Marie Curie did before Dad became ill, but they were so helpful when we first got in touch. It felt like someone had taken a very heavy coat off my shoulders - they were brilliant, telling us what we were entitled to, helping and guiding us with their expertise.

Granting Frank’s wish

“Dad started attended the weekly social group at the hospice. He was a taxi driver and had the gift of the gab, so loved chatting with others and it helped give a shape to his week. We could also ask staff questions and receive advice.

“Near the end the Marie Curie Nurses would come overnight to the house to care for Dad. It meant we were able to sleep and be officially “off duty”. I’m so very glad he was at home with most of his children at the end. We really couldn’t have granted him his wish for that without the help of Marie Curie.

“We donated £500 from Dad’s funeral collection to the Liverpool hospice but I really felt it was time to do a little more to help, so we decided to throw a Blooming Great Tea Party.

Everyone helped out

“I was really quite nervous about it since it was my first tea party, but I was helped by my husband, Peter, my daughter, Robyn, and my son, Graeme. We invited friends and neighbours, including members of my Ladies Barbershop Group and Inner Wheel Club. I was also delighted to receive so many offers of cakes and other goods from friends who couldn’t be there but wanted to help out.

Robyn welcoming guests to the tea party

“As well as offering tea and cake, there was a raffle, tombola, DVD sale and a glass of Prosecco or two. We raised £275 for Marie Curie overall. I think the Blooming Great Tea Party is a lovely idea, and I hope that by my doing it someone else will have the same support that my family and I had.”

Don’t forget to bank the money you raised from your Blooming Great Tea Party.  We’re so grateful for your support, and every penny you raise goes towards heping families like Sheena and Frank’s make the most of the time they have left together.

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