How your tea party helps

By hosting a Blooming Great Tea Party, you'll be helping us support and care for families when they need it most. After Selina was cared for by Marie Curie Nurses at the end of her life, her daughter Ruth decided to throw a tea party to raise vital funds.

In early 2010 I first noticed that something was wrong.

Mum started to forget little things, and later lost her purse. She cancelled all her cards, but when the new cards arrived, she couldn’t remember her birthday when they asked her as part of the security questions. She was diagnosed with vascular dementia that September.

It was a big shock for me. I came home that day almost numb.

Amazing care

We got her home that night for her last six weeks. It was very difficult because Mum was very ill at this stage. Eventually we were referred to Marie Curie for her last ten days.

The Marie Curie Nurses were amazing. There were a few different night time nurses, but the same nurse came during the day. She knew exactly what she was doing with Mum’s care and had a great attitude. She even managed to get my dad to go to bed! He never wanted to leave my Mum’s side. It also meant I got some time for myself too.

In the end, I was on my own with Mum when she died. I was tidying her room when she passed away.

In the years since Mum passed away I’ve done quite a bit of fundraising for Marie Curie, including throwing a Blooming Great Tea Party last summer.

Everyone was so generous

I planned everything using the pack that Marie Curie sent to me. I used the invites to let people know about the party and put up the flyers at my local church. I spent the couple of weeks beforehand baking and getting everything ready.

We had tea, coffee, lots of pretty cakes, cupcakes, scones, jam – you name it we had it! It was about four hours of people dropping in and out. Guests brought cakes and a Pavlova. They were all very generous with their donations.

I loved just being in the middle of it all, talking to people about Marie Curie, as well as having fun and a laugh with everyone who came. In the end I raised around £250.

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