You said, we did

We value your feedback as it helps us to make improvements to our services. Sometimes these are big improvements such as when we moved our West Midlands Hospice to a new purpose built building that better suited our patients and their families.

Sometimes very small things can make a big difference, like moving a mirror in a patient’s bathroom so that it’s at a better height for them when they use their wheelchair.

If you’ve had a very good experience of care, we need to know what went well so we can celebrate together. If there were things we could have done better, hearing about your experience can help us to progress.

Here are some examples of things our patients and families have told us and what we’ve done as a response:

You saidWe didOutcome

"Fantastic care but a group meeting with patients within the centre may help the mental standing of those that are able”. 
Carer, Belfast hospice inpatient unit.

Our Day Hospice team now extend their services to include patients on the in-patient unit during the first half of the week.

Patients who use our inpatient services are now able to benefit from increased social interaction and activities at the Day Hospice.

"I would like you to help me create some information about me that I can take with me to respite”. 
Patient, Bradford hospice.

We used the My Life system to help create a patient ‘passport’. This contained important information about the patient’s life and preferences.

The patient was able to take this document with her when she went to respite.

"I would like more access to complementary therapy treatments”.
Patient, Bradford hospice.

We recruited more volunteer complementary therapists.

Patients now have greater access to a range of complementary therapies.

“I would like to express my concern at the decision to remove the beautiful handmade glass plates which are situated outside of each ward”.
Edinburgh hospice.

We undertook consultation with patients, staff, and volunteers about the naming and signage of the rooms and wards.

The decision to change the signs was made in line with infection prevention control guidelines, and to make our signage dementia-friendly.

"The call bell is very loud at night, can it be muted?”
Hampstead hospice.

We are trialling a quieter ring tone which should be less disturbing at night.

We will monitor the effects of this change including ensuring that staff can hear all call bells, and levels of disturbance for those trying to sleep.

“Sometimes the Wi-Fi isn’t great.”
Carer, Belfast hospice.

We have installed a new amplifier to boost TV signals and updated the Wi-Fi.

The TV and wi-fi signals have improved and we will continue to monitor people’s experience of these.

“Re: complementary therapies environment - there is no couch in the room, which is too small.”
Belfast hospice.

We have now stopped using this therapy room at Newtownards Day Hospice.

Our complementary therapies now take place in bigger and more appropriately furnished rooms.

“The only area for improvement is the quality of the coffee. This may seem small, but is important to me!”
Liverpool hospice.

We recently changed the coffee we used to a branded product. 

We will continue to monitor the feedback we receive about this.

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