Pay for a Day

Help your local Marie Curie Hospice provide 24 hours of vital care for people in your community. For more information, email us or contact a hospice directly.

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Your special day becomes ours

You can pay for a day as an individual, company or other organisation. You might want to recognise an important birthday or anniversary, celebrate the memory of a relative or friend or mark a significant company or organisational milestone.

Whatever your reason for the date you choose, we’re very grateful for your support. It'll help us give high quality care and support to people in your local community. 

How to pay for a day

The cost of a day's care varies between our hospices. Please visit your local hospice using the links below to find out more. You can make a personal donation, or give via your organisation. You may prefer to fundraise the amount personally, with your company or with friends and family. You might want to pay for more than one day and you can choose any dates that are available. 

Where can I pay for a day?

If you'd like more details, please visit your local hospice using the links below, or contact Natasha Sweet on 0121 703 3711 or email us.

Recognising your support

We know that the day you choose will be special and meaningful to you, as well as making a real difference to people living with a terminal illness. So, to help celebrate your day, we’ll mark it in several ways.

  • A certificate. We’ll create a personalised certificate, and if you’d like, we can display it in the hospice reception on your chosen day. We’ll give it to you afterwards as a keepsake.
  • Your profile on our website. If you’d like us to share your story with our supporters, then we'll feature it on the hospice web page. We can also publish your name or the name of your organisation on the hospice homepage on the day you’ve chosen to pay for. And, if you want some Facebook or Twitter mentions, we can use social media to further publicise your support.
  • We’ll welcome you to the hospice. The best way we can say thank you is to invite you to visit the hospice. You’ll be able to see the help, compassion and care we’re providing to people with a terminal illness and their families, thanks to your support. We’ll organise a mutually convenient day for you to visit the hospice where you can meet some of our team and enjoy lunch in our café.