Day services

From individual appointments to group activity or complementary therapies, we will help you choose the best care options to suit your health needs, lifestyle and circumstances. Services are always free for patients and families.

To help people stay in their homes and be cared for locally, we offer some services in other community venues and some in people’s homes. Please feel free to ask us about this.

Care tailored to your individual needs

Our specialists can help with any aspect of your illness and will recommend a personal programme of care.

As part of your programme you will be able to choose from a menu of services, including: • access to information and resources on any aspect of your illness

  • help to cope with the emotional and psychological impact of your illness
  • relaxation techniques and therapies to help you gently unwind
  • a specialist programme for people breathing difficulties
  • help with mobility including gentle exercise and Wii Fit
  • advice about coping with tiredness, stress or anxiety
  • support with lymphoedema
  • spiritual care

We also offer advice and support for families and carers.

Group day therapy sessions

These sessions are held Monday to Friday, 10am - 3pm.

You can come to the hospice for one day each week as part of a 17-week programme designed around the goals you would like to achieve.

Our specialist doctors, nurses and other members of the team are on hand to offer advice about symptoms or concerns. Sessions allow you to meet and get mutual support from others in a similar situation. You can also join in activities and therapies.

We will provide a light lunch and transport if you need it.

Complementary therapies

These sessions are held Monday to Friday,and made by by appointment.

Our wide range of safe and natural complementary therapies do not replace traditional care, but people often comment on their relaxing qualities and overall benefits.

Therapies include: aromatherapy, Indian head massage, reflexology and relaxation.

If for some reason you can’t get to the hospice we offer complementary therapies in the comfort of your own home or at Old Swan Health Centre. Complementary therapy sessions are open to your carer, at the hospice, too.

Medical clinics

These clinics are held on Monday to Friday, from 10am to 12 noon.

You can come to our clinics at the hospice for a one-to one consultation with one of our specialist doctors.

Pain clinic

This clinic is held on Tuesday afternoons 2pm – 4pm, by appointment.

If you are finding that pain is not going away or causing distress you can come and see our consultant who specialises in helping to reduce or control pain.

Depending on your situation, the specialist will look at the various options to help control your pain such as pain relief medication, blocking painful impulses (nerve blocks and epidurals) and exercises. You need to be referred to our pain clinic through one of our medical clinics.

Emotional and practical support

Our social workers work at the hospice or in patients' homes.

They can advise on housing, benefits and getting the support you need to manage at home. Social workers can also help you to cope with any psychological aspects of illness such as anxiety or depression.

Planning for the future – for example, how and where you would like to be cared for is another area our social workers can help you with. Our Children and Young Person’s Counsellor offers emotional support to children closely related to our patients. They can visit children at the hospice, in their homes or in another suitable place such as a school.

Lymphoedema service

This service can be accessed Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 4.30pm. Appointments take about one hour.

Lymphoedema is swelling of the limbs or body with fluid. This sometimes occurs as a result of disease or following surgery or radiotherapy leading to pain and discomfort.

Our lymphoedema specialist can help to ease your symptoms through massage, or by using pressure garments to control the swelling. You will also get advice on exercises that may help and how to care for your skin.

How to get day service care

Ask your GP, nurse or hospital consultant if they think you could benefit from Marie Curie Hospice day services and whether they will refer you.
For more details about day services, please phone 0151 801 1470. For details about outpatients appointments, phone 0151 801 1460.

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