What happens when our nurse is at your home

We understand it can be confusing or disorientating to have people you don’t know visiting your home to provide care and support, so here’s what to expect from our nurses while they’re in your home.

Before the nurse arrives

Your Marie Curie Registered Nurse or Healthcare Assistant will phone you before setting out for your home to introduce themselves and confirm that they’re on their way.
They won’t do this if their visit is due to start early in the day (for example at 7am), to avoid waking you or your family. They also won’t call first if your visit has been arranged at very short notice, for example due to an urgent situation.

There are a few things for you to do or consider before the nurse arrives.

When the nurse arrives

All our registered nurses and healthcare assistants wear a Marie Curie uniform and name badge. They must also show their Marie Curie identity card when they arrive. On their first visit, they’ll also leave you a visiting card with their name. If they don’t show or wear these items, please ask them to do so. If in doubt, please call us on 0800 634 4520.

When they arrive, the nurse or healthcare assistant will introduce themselves to you and any of your family and friends they need to know during their visit. They will ask if you have any particular likes or dislikes and how you, and the people caring for you, would like to be addressed.

They’ll also need to know where they can wash their hands and where the bathroom is.
We ask all of our nurses and healthcare assistant to call us when they arrive at someone’s home to let us know they’ve arrived safely. They will use their mobile phone to do this but if they have problems, or if you live in an area without network coverage, they may ask to use your phone – they’ll use a free phone number, so you won’t be charged.

Involving your family and friends

Family and friends who usually care for you may want to continue to be involved with your care while the Marie Curie Nurse or Healthcare Assistant is in your home. This is absolutely fine – the nurse will check this with your family when they arrive. For example, if there is a change in your condition, they may want the nurse or healthcare assistant to ring them if they have left the house or wake them up during the night.

If the nurse or healthcare assistant is with you overnight, please let them know whether the person caring for you would like to be woken up in the morning, and what support you would like before the nurse or healthcare assistant leaves (such as help getting washed or dressed).

During an overnight visit

Your Marie Curie Nurse may need to walk around from time to time to stay alert. If it’s safe to leave you alone, they may leave the room for a few minutes now and again to avoid disturbing you.
They may also leave the room to make a hot drink or visit the bathroom. They won’t leave the room if you need someone to be with you all the time.
With your permission, they may use a laptop computer for training purposes during their visit as long as this does not disturb you.
Marie Curie Nurses are not allowed to:

  • watch TV, DVDs or listen to music unless you or your family are doing so in your room
  • listen to music using headphones
  • smoke or sleep while on duty

If you have any other questions about our service, you can phone us on 0800 634 4530 (9am – 10.30pm, seven days a week).

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