Give a major gift

There are many great ways to donate a major gift and support Marie Curie Nurses, from sponsoring a nurse for a year, to funding a day of care at a Marie Curie Hospice. Find your perfect way to make a major difference to people living with terminal illnesses. 

Provide a year of care

Provide a year of care and help Marie Curie Nurses care for people in your local area who are living with a terminal illness.
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Pay for a day

Pay for a day to help your local Marie Curie Hospice provide 24 hours of vital care for people in your community.
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Attend a social event

We have a diverse range of social events throughout the year. From Christmas Carols to auctions, find out what's happening near you.
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The Pears Foundation's story

The Pears Foundation supported us by paying for three days of care at the Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead.
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How you'll help

Do you share Marie Curie's vision for a better life for people and their families living with a terminal illness? Read how your support can make this a reality in our strategic plan. The report lays out how we aim to achieve our objectives and demonstrates how vital your donation is. Also, see how we're delivering on our goals in our annual report and accounts and impact report. Read Marie Curie's reports.

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Other ways to get involved

Whether you want to take part in an event, raise money in your local area or give us your time as a volunteer, only you can make sure we can continue the work that we do.

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