Top tips for collectors

If this is your first time collecting for us, or even if you're a pro, we've gathered some handy tips on how to prepare for the day and make the most of your collection.

Remember, every daffodil you hand out and donation you collect makes a huge difference to families living with a terminal illness.

Pick the perfect position

If you can, find a busy spot where people are likely to have cash to hand. Good places to stand include next to the supermarket trolley pick up and outside cafes. Stand in a prominent place but remember not to get in people's way.

Be easy to approach

Our collectors are respectful of passers-by, but also know how to draw them in. Make eye contact and smile, people are more likely to approach if you look friendly.

Marie Curie Great Daffodil collectors

Other top tips

Collect together

Recruit a friend, family member or colleague and collect together. You'll be doubly visible, have double the fun and should raise double the funds!

Be prepared

Anticipate the weather turning nasty: pack layers, waterproofs and, if needed, a hat and gloves too. If bad weather is forecast, then see if there's somewhere you can stand under cover.

Get noticed

You can never wear too much yellow! Pop on a tabard, get fancy dressed-up - and you'll really stand out from the crowd.

Be open

Wear a collector's sticker and carry the collection permit in case anyone asks to see it.

Get snap happy and share your collection

We'd love you to share your favourite collecting moments with us, so don't forget to take some photos on your phone or camera. Post them on Facebook or Tweet us at @mariecurieuk  .

Collecting as a group with friends or family is a great way to get out and about in your community.

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