Raise money for Marie Curie

Whether you're looking to throw a glittering gala dinner, quiz, abseil or bake, every pound you raise will help support people living with a terminal illness.

Get ideas

Whether you're raising money at school, with friends or family, at work, at university or with a club or group - we've got loads of ideas to get you going!

Fundraising ideas for work

Do something fun with your colleagues to raise money to support people living with a terminal illness. How about:

  • organising a Pub Quiz - get into teams, charge a fee to take part and put the most exhuberant of your colleagues in charge of being quiz master!
  • creating a swear jar - and make sure people put in a pound every time they use a naughty word.
  • running a sweepstake - whether it's for the Six Nations or the Apprentice, assign everyone a team or participant, charge to play and split the pot between the winner and Marie Curie
  • organising karaoke or an open-mic night
  • throwing an office sports day - channel peoples' competitive spirit and organise chair races and 10m tea runs
  • having a dress-down day
  • Sign up for a challenge as a team - you could do a local run, swim or cycle
  • nominating Marie Curie as your Charity of the Year.
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Fundraising ideas for clubs

Whether you're part of the Scouts or Guides, a book or supper club, a social club or a sports club, why not try one of these fundraising ideas to get everyone in good spirits? Try one of the following:

  • a zumba-thon - get everyone moving and shaking for a good cause
  • rubber duck race - find a suitable stretch of your local river and charge per entry
  • run a stall at your local summer or winter fete, offering goodies, games, or services
  • do a charity dinner dance - you could even do a themed one for Valentine's Day
  • a charity raffle - ask local businesses to donate prizes
  • organise a car or tractor rally
  • organising a bridge or board game tournament
  • set up a charity concert
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Fundraising ideas for kids

Here are some ideas for how to have fun with the kids and raise vital funds for Marie Curie while you're at it. Why not try:

  • a dodge ball tournament - have a little prize-giving ceremony at the end with awards for most creative dodger and good sporting attitude!
  • a sponsored silence - a classic, but always a challenge
  • a treasure hunt - theme it according to the season
  • a rounders tournament
  • a super hero day - dress up as your favourite superhero – don’t forget, not all heroes wear capes... Marie Curie was a hero in the world of Science
  • a car boot sale - this is a good opportunity to have a bit of a clear out too.
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Fundraising ideas for students

students doing fancy dress fundraising

Inspiring fellow students to get involved in a fundraiser often means doing something which is a bit different, ripe for excellent photo opportunities, or helps with saving money. How about:

  • doing a yellow paint run 
  • organising a frock swap - people pay entry to bring their old clothes in exchange for others
  • organising movie marathon – make sure to get some film-tacular treats for your guests to enjoy while viewing your movie favourites
  • playing 'LOST'  – drop your students off at a mystery location from which they will need to hitch hike their way all the while completing various challenges, without spending a single penny!
  • having a library fines Friday – get your library to donate all of the fines for late or lost books paid on a Friday
  • an auction of promises – whether it is taxi-ing around your mates for a week, or doing the dishes 
  • holding a barn dance or ceilidh
  • doing a sponsored sleep out 
  • organising a grub-crawl – different courses in different local pubs – what could be better?
  • holding a man vs. food contest.
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Fundraising ideas for friends

Want to get some friends together to do something a bit different? Go big and glitzy or keep it low key - either way the most important thing is to have some fun while you raise money. Why not try:

  • a cocktail evening - take a trip to the obscure spirit aisle and try those exciting flavours (and moves with the cocktail shaker) which you've always wanted to master!
  • doing an abseil or skydive - if you're scared of heights, this is sure to impress your friends into making a generous donation
  • a pamper event - get out the nail varnish, foot rubs and scented candles and ask your friends for a donation to attend
  • Come Dine With Me - bring out the competitive spirit and try something new in the kitchen
  • a head shave - a bold, brave and bonding way to raise vital funds
  • a knit and natter day (or night!)
  • doing good deeds for donations - always entertaining to see what people come up with...
  • organising a concert - rope in family and friends with musical abilities and charge for entry.
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