About the Marie Curie Hospice, West Midlands

The Marie Curie Hospice, West Midlands is centrally located by the town centre, close to Brueton Park.

Our hospice offers a modern approach to care with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We offer specialist care for people living with a terminal illness and support for families, completely free.

Our in-patient unit has 24 private beds. We have a fully-equipped day service department and some services are offered in patients' homes.

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Statement of purpose

  • We aim to promote the best quality of life and death according to the wishes of the individual person
  • We aim to meet the overall needs of the individual person
  • Our services include physical, emotional and spiritual care for patients together with support for the people who are close to them
  • We aim to meet the needs of people from all cultures and communities
  • Each hospice employs a team of health and social care professionals, including medical and nursing staff; specially trained in pain and symptom control; occupational therapists, chaplains, physiotherapists and social workers

Delivering exceptional care in an exceptional hospice

We have now moved to our new Marie Curie Hospice, West Midlands. Our hospice is located on Marsh Lane, just 500 metres away from the site of our old Solihull hospice on Warwick Road.

Our new hospice is bigger and its purpose-built facilities will help us to provide our services to more patients and their families – not just in Solihull but also in Birmingham and Warwickshire.

What our new hospice offers

  • 24 private and spacious bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms as well as direct access to our landscaped gardens
  • A day services unit, which supports twice as many patients compared with our old hospice, offering clinical support, rehabilitation, emotional support, practical advice and complementary therapies
  • Outpatient facilities and services to enable more patients to remain at home with the best possible quality of life
  • More counselling and emotional support services for patients, and their families and carers
  • A rehabilitation room and gym to help patients develop the skills they need to maintain their independence and quality of life
  • An integrated greenhouse that is built into the hospice, giving our patients year-round access to plants and horticulture
  • Dedicated training and meeting rooms to enable our staff to share their skills with healthcare professionals in the community


Useful info

Palliative care

You may hear people using the term palliative care. This type of care focuses on helping you to maintain the best possible quality of life. Palliative care includes a variety of treatments to help you with any physical problems as well as your social and psychological needs. Support also extends to your family and friends who may have concerns about you and your illness. You might receive palliative care at the same time as other treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy

Advanced life support

We do not have the specialist equipment to offer advanced life support. If you have any questions about this please ask your doctor or nurse.

Accessing your medical records

You are legally entitled to read your medical records. Should you decide to do this please put your request in writing to the hospice manager.


Any information you share with staff will be protected by our duty of confidentiality. Our staff work within their professional codes of conduct and the Data Protection Act.


Please do not bring valuables to the hospice as we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage. If you are admitted at short notice and you have valuables with you, please hand them to the nursing staff so they can be locked away until they can be taken home.

Taking part in research projects

We want to make sure that our patients and their families receive the best possible care and support from us. Carrying out research is one way to help us understand the needs of patients and families, and how we can best meet those needs.

From time to time, we invite patients and families we are caring for to be involved in research studies. If you are interested in taking part, download the leaflet below.

You can also watch our video about research in our hospices

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