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Carer’s Credit and your State Pension

If you’re looking after a child under 12 or an ill or disabled person of any age, you may be able to get Carer’s Credit. This can help you get your State Pension when you reach retirement age. 

About Carer’s Credit

Some carers can’t pay National Insurance contributions because they’re not working or aren’t earning enough. If you’re in this situation, you can protect your State Pension by gathering Carer’s Credit in place of the National Insurance contributions, which you’d be paying if you were working and earning enough to be paying them.

Who can get Carer’s Credit automatically?

You don’t need to apply for Carer’s Credit if you already get:

In either case you’ll automatically get Carer’s Credit.

Who can get Carer’s Credit if they apply?

If you’re a carer who doesn’t get Carer’s Allowance you won’t automatically get Carer’s Credit but you can still qualify if:

Applying for Carer’s Credit

To claim, use the’s online claim form   to get started.

In Northern Ireland, see the nidirect website’s section on Carer’s Credit.

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nidirect   – Carer’s Credit

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