What does terminal illness mean?

Someone has a terminal illness when they reach a point where they, or their medical team, carers or loved ones, understand their illness is likely to lead to their death.

Which illnesses are terminal?

Terminal illness includes a wide range of different illnesses and individual needs. People may have a single disease or a number of conditions.

How long will someone with a terminal illness live?

Depending on their condition and treatment, people may live with a terminal illness for days, weeks, months or even years.

What kind of care will someone with a terminal illness need?

They are likely to be receiving treatment to help reduce or manage their symptoms, rather than cure their illness.

They and their families may find they need different types of care, practical help or emotional support at various points throughout this stage of their illness.

I make sure I live every day to the fullest when I can. Just because I’ve got a terminal illness, doesn’t mean my life stops. I’m still me, I’m still living my life. I’m not dying of cancer, I’m living with cancer.
Linda Tierney

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