Our Marie Curie Nurse helped Mum get involved in planning my wedding

by Natalie Parkes-Thompson Marie Curie supporter As well as providing the hands-on care and emotional support they’re renowned for, Marie Curie Nurses often help people to prepare for special family moments. Natalie Parkes-Thompson, whose mother Eileen was cared for at home by our nurses, explains how we helped her mum get involved with planning her wedding.

Natalie Parkes-Thompson with mother Eileen

When my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer, my dad and I were giving her 24-hour care and we couldn’t cope on our own. So we started looking into what support was available and found out about the Marie Curie Nursing Service.

Initially, we had a Marie Curie Nurse once a week, to sit with Mum in the afternoon. Then, as her condition worsened, we had a nurse three times a week to give us a break and then every day and night. It was hard for Mum when she lost her mobility but they would do things like rub cream into her legs and paint her nails. Anything to cheer her up. I got engaged the year Mum was diagnosed and I brought the wedding forward. Our nurse made Mum feel excited and involved in my wedding, even though she couldn’t be as involved as she would have liked. The nurse looked through wedding magazines with Mum and helped pick out the roses. Or they’d look up things on the internet. It really lifted Mum’s spirits. Everyone should know about Marie Curie Nurses. They play the most vital role in situations like this because they make the worst possible nightmare as bearable as possible. For this I am forever grateful because we were lucky – we had Marie Curie Nurses with us at the end.