Volunteering is always in fashion

It’s Volunteers’ Week! And that means celebrating the people who put their skills and free time towards a good cause at Marie Curie. Take the volunteers who played an active role at our Kirkcaldy Fundraising Group and Shops joint fashion show. Here, two of the participants explain what motivates them to be involved.

Working together: Fashion show volunteers Diana Steedman (left) and Yvonne Whitehill

“It’s great to be part of a team.”

 Diana Steedman is a Marie Curie Shops Volunteer in Kirkcaldy. She’s been in the role since September last year.

“I started volunteering for Marie Curie after I retired. I was on the lookout for a role in the volunteer sector when a letter came through the post.

“It was asking for people to help out at the Marie Curie Shop on Kirkcaldy High Street and I thought, ‘this is for me!’. I popped down to the shop and signed up there and then.” 

Being at the heart of the action

 “I used to be a clerical worker, which is very different. I tend to be front of house when I volunteer and it’s great to be part of a team.

 “My favourite thing about volunteering for Marie Curie is probably getting to meet the general public at the shop. I love hearing their stories and about what Marie Curie means to them – it’s a lovely atmosphere.” 

A model role

“For the fashion event, I was one of the ‘mannequins’ who showed off some of the clothes we have at the shop. There was a pathway through the middle of the venue which acted as the catwalk.

 “There was also a lovely buffet, and jewellery experience with a talk and sale of handmade items. A local hairdresser got involved and showed off some haircuts there and then. The event itself raised a great amount of money ─ £900, which the person who ran the venue kindly made up to £1,000.”

Volunteers Diana (left) and Yvonne love meeting new people

“We’re all part of the Marie Curie family.”

 Yvonne Whitehill is a volunteer for the Marie Curie Kirkcaldy Fundraising Group. She loves the camaraderie and shared experience of being a member.

“I’ve been helping out with the Great Daffodil Appeal collections since 2011, but wasn’t terribly involved with the charity. Our fundraising group formed in 2013 and I’ve been much more a part of it since then.

 “We have all been affected by cancer, or terminal illness, so I do feel a personal connection as well. My father died from stomach and bowel cancer.

“Actually, one thing that may have affected my decision more than I thought was when my boss’s father was ill and developed cancer.

“I was working for him when his father died and I saw the fantastic help he received from Marie Curie. I really thought it was a cause worth getting involved with.”

Seeing the results for yourself

 “Something I love about volunteering is meeting new people!  Seeing the reactions and hearing the stories when you’re collecting or doing an event ─ it’s amazing. You realise how much of an impact Marie Curie makes on people’s lives.”

“I think the Daffodil Fashion and Jewellery event was very important – it makes sense that across the charity we can join together and benefit one another. I’m delighted that it was a success, not just monetarily, but also in bringing us together as a team.

“We’re all part of the Marie Curie family and when we work as a team we can maximise our potential for such a great cause.

 “Everyone had so much fun at the fashion event, and through having fun, the best thing to come out of it was the relationship we now have with the shop. It allows us to work together, to share ideas and to raise even more money to provide care and support for people living with terminal illnesses.” 

Would you like to be a part of the Marie Curie family? Find out how to become a volunteer.