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Living with a terminal illness and looking for support? Our Support Line team are here to help. 

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 0800 090 2309 Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones. Find out more about our Support Line.

Marie Curie Helper Service

It’s important to get the right care if you’re living with a terminal illness; but it’s also crucial to get the right support network in place for you and your family. Our Helper service can offer you regular support in your home from a trained volunteer.

Contact your local Helper service


What is the Helper service?

Someone to chat to over a coffee, helping you run an errand or being there when you need someone to talk to. That’s what a Helper volunteer is there for.

Select your area below to get in touch:

Argyll & Bute
Tel: 0800 304 7027

Tel: 0800 3047 412

Tel: 0800 3047 412

Dumfries and Galloway
Tel: 0800 304 7691 

East London 
Tel: 0800 304 7403

Tel: 0800 304 7406


Tel: 0800 304 7024

Tel: 0800 304 7402

Tel: 0800 304 7692 

Norfolk and Suffolk
Tel: 0800 304 7410

Northern Ireland 
Tel: 0800 304 7404

North London
Tel: 0800 304 7408

North Yorkshire (Craven District)
Tel: 0800 304 7411

Tel: 0800 304 7401

Tel: 0800 304 7023

Tel: 0800 3047 412

South Wales
Tel: 0800 304 7407

Tyne and Wear
Tel: 0800 304 7409

West Midlands 
Tel: 0800 304 7405

West Yorkshire
Tel: 0800 304 7411

If you don’t live in one of the areas shown, unfortunately we don’t offer Helper in your area. There may be other services you can access, so please call the Marie Curie Support Line, 0800 090 2309*, open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 11am to 5pm Saturday, to see what is available to you.

Jenny and Adrienne

Adrienne is a Helper volunteer who offers companionship during weekly visits to Jenny.
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Stephen and Daniel

Stephen and Daniel are proof of the two-way benefits of the Marie Curie Helper Service.
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