How a hospice can help you

How our hospices support you will vary depending on what you and your family want and need from us.

Hospice physical therapy

We will help you achieve the best possible quality of life, whether that’s through helping relieve your symptoms, supporting you and your loved ones at a difficult time, or advising you on practical issues.

When you arrive at the hospice

When you first come to the hospice you’ll be able to discuss how you feel and what you need from us with one of our doctors or a specialist nurse.

We will make sure any immediate difficulties you’re having, such as pain or breathlessness, are taken care of as soon as possible. Our hospice teams are highly experienced in controlling pain and helping to relieve symptoms.

If you are staying with us, our nurses will co-ordinate your care throughout your stay and will be the main point of contact for you and your family.

Our expert team

As well as nursing and medical care, we’re here to offer you and your family whatever social, practical, emotional and spiritual support you may need.

Our hospices have a full team of professionals on hand, including specialist nurses and doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, complementary therapists, social workers and a chaplaincy service.

We work in partnership with other professionals involved in your care, such as your GP, District Nurse, hospital consultant and clinical nurse specialists.

Residential care at our hospices

Some people come to stay in the hospice during the final stage of their illness; others come just for a short time, for example to help manage their symptoms or to give the person caring for them a break.

We can:

  • make you more comfortable if you have persistent pain, tiredness, difficulty breathing or other symptoms
  • help you maintain your independence so you can continue to do things for yourself for as long as possible
  • offer you emotional and spiritual support should you want it
  • advise you, and the people close to you, about how to get the right information if you are concerned about money, social benefits, or how to find equipment and services

Day and community services at our hospices

We can also support you in your home or during a short visit to the hospice. You could attend a specific clinic at the hospice, or have a full programme of care tailored to your individual needs. Our expert team will help you manage your symptoms and are available to talk to about any concerns you may have.

Complementary therapies can provide you with gentle relief, a space to talk about how you are feeling, or simply with some time out. Coming to the hospice can also give you the opportunity to meet and talk with other people who may share your experiences.

Find out how to get hospice care and read stories from the people we've cared for.

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