What do Marie Curie Nurses do?

Marie Curie Nurses can help you if you’re living with a terminal illness and want to be cared for in your own home.

Nursing in your area

What to expect from our nurses

About the level of care you can expect from all our nurses.
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How to get a Marie Curie Nurse

Find out how to get a Marie Curie Nurse to provide care in your home.
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What our nurses do in a nutshell

We offer free nursing care to people with all terminal illnesses across the UK, as well as support for family and friends. 

Our nurses generally provide one-to-one nursing care and support overnight in your home, usually for eight or nine hours. In some areas, we also offer care for a shorter period of time, or during the evening or daytime, as well as care at very short notice in a crisis.

What do Marie Curie nurses do in your area?

We provide nursing care in partnership with the NHS. Our nursing services cover 94% of the UK's population, but the exact service we provide in each area varies according to what support the local NHS trust has decided it needs from us.

You can find out more about the care and support we offer in your area, and how to get a Marie Curie Nurse, by talking to your district nurse or GP.

What does a Macmillan nurse do?

Macmillan nurses care for people with cancer, from when they’re first diagnosed. They generally spend up to an hour in someone’s home, providing advice on managing pain and controlling symptoms, as well as emotional support.

Our nurses care for people with all terminal illnesses, including terminal cancer, towards the end of their lives. They generally spend several hours at a time in your home providing care and support, usually overnight.