Working in partnership

Partnership working is central to everything we do at Marie Curie. We know it is collaboration, at every level, that creates the best end of life care.

For decades now, we’ve worked alongside the NHS, governments and other providers, evolving services, sharing knowledge, and applying the research and policy work in which we invest around £3 million each year.

Service delivery partnerships
Service design and innovation partnerships
Strategic partnerships

Service delivery partnerships

Through our commissioned services, we provide care which help meets the needs of local populations. Among these partnerships are:

Marie Curie and NHS Fife – expert support in home settings for terminally ill people and those who care for them.

Marie Curie and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board  – 24/7 nursing care at home.

Marie Curie and Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust – hospital-based emotional support for terminally ill people and their families and carers.

Marie Curie and Durham Clinical Commissioning Groups – rapid response support in event of urgent need at end of life.

Marie Curie and Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust – joined up support across hospitals and community.

Marie Curie and Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group – care packages for Fast Track Continuing Healthcare (CHC).

Marie Curie and Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group – STARS (Supportive and End of Life Care Service).

Service design and innovation

At Marie Curie, we’re committed to constant improvement in end of life care. We work with a number of partners who share that mission.

The University of Cambridge and Sheffield Hallam University – Marie Curie Design to Care Programme

British Heart Foundation Scotland and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde  delivering palliative and end of life care to heart failure patients

Strategic partnerships

We have a range of strategic partnerships that contribute to the development of end of life care in the UK.

Health and Wellbeing Alliance – joining other voluntary sector partners to improve healthcare, address health inequalities, and influence national policy

Royal College of GPs – partnering with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) to improve end of life care provided to patients by GPs.

Pan-London End of Life Alliance – working with partners across the health and care system to improve end of life care in London for patients, carers and families.

Social investment in end of life care – partnering with national organisations, and with commissioners in Birmingham, to find ways to attract new investment in end of life care.

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