“Knowing we’re there provides an immense amount of comfort.”

Melissa Tiley-Waters took time out behind the scenes of our Great Daffodil Appeal 2016 advert to tell us why she became a Marie Curie Healthcare Assistant and what it means to her.

Legacy of CARE

"My grandfather moved in and we cared for him for six years. After his death, I felt he’d left me the legacy of knowing this was a role I could fulfil. I realised that end of life care was something very special."
Melissa joined Marie Curie to help other families avoid the troubles she had with accessing support.


"Sometimes we can arrive on a doorstep at 10pm to open arms and floods of tears from a family member that’s really struggling. For them, just knowing we’re going to be there for the next nine hours makes an amazing difference. For the patient, it’s the idea that we are there for anything they need."
Marie Curie Nurses and Healthcare Assistants like Melissa know the importance of every hour spent supporting a family living with terminal illness.


"My favourite thing about being a Marie Curie Nurse is meeting the families and the patients. We go into some of the loveliest homes and we’re thanked all of the time. There aren’t many jobs where you have that kind of satisfaction from a night’s work."
Melissa met her best friend Julie on their first day of palliative care training and both have supported the Great Daffodil Appeal by collecting donations and raising awareness.

Help Marie Curie Nurses be there for people living with terminal illness by collecting, fundraising or donating in support of the Great Daffodil Appeal.